Welcome to the White Arch Dental Centre

The White Arch Dental Centre is a multi-speciality laser and microscope enhanced dental clinic, founded by Dr Vivek Hegde – one of the foremost professionals in his field.
At The White Arch, we offer a wide range of dental treatments, from general to much more complex microdentistry, cosmetic and minimally invasive laser dentistry treatments.
We have three high-end operatories, each equipped with the best dental technology, sourced from around the world.
We are committed to creating a calm, pleasant atmosphere for the patients, while maintaining the strictest hygiene standards.
We also provide a training centre for dentists, to teach them the latest advancements in dentistry.
Please explore this website to know more about The White Arch Dental Centre and the people behind it.

My mother-in-law is really happy. Has undergone almost every treatment - cosmetic, implant, bridges. Excellent! Keep it up. All the very best!
- Dr Vijayshree Shirole (Dental Implant)
Very professional outfit. Benchmark clinic in dental care!
- Ketan Shah
Outstanding! It was a privilege to be treated by you, sir!
- Lulua Rangwala (Cosmetic Fillings)
Excellent work and very high-tech machines! Totally impressed! Good job, keep it up!
- Dimple Chhabra (Root Canal and Teeth Whitening)
Quality treatment and home-like atmosphere. Loving and kind! Keep it up!
- Henrietta Fernandes (Fillings & Gum Surgery)
The best treatment I've ever had!
- Faezeh (Cosmetic Dentistry)
Excellent job! Very pleased. Will recommend to family and friends!
- Mr Harshad Khatri (Dental Implants)
Excellent! Very nice clinic! I'm sure I won't find it in Brazil. Great experience!
- Graziele Sentinelo
Superior clinic, extremely hygenic and neat. Had a wonderful experience.
- Dr. Ahmed (Root canal treatment and crowns)
Best clinic in town, lovely interiors and good dentists.
- Mrs. Pittie ( Root canal treatment and Smile Design)